.080 PVC Wall Covering Smooth Finish

January 9th, 2011

Protek’s .080smooth rigid pvc sheets (WC-80S) provides a very high impact hygienic easy to clean wall protection system.  WC-80S sheets have a Smooth semi-gloss finish and are available in 4×8 or 4×10 sheets standard in White or Beige colors with no minimums required.  Other colors are available with minimum quantities.  These sheets can be heat welded for a seamless installation, or they can be installed with standard trim accessories.   WC-80s is installed with either a fastbond adhesive or a mastic adhesive pending the field conditions and requirements of the install.   Please contact Alan Austin for pricing and lead times.  Also, please call and inquire about how you can create WC-80S into Protek’s NEW PhotoGraphic 80!

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Aluminum Diamond Plate Wall Protection

January 2nd, 2011

Protek Systems offers an easy to assemble trim less aluminum diamond plate wall protection system.   WPAD-12 sheets come standard 4×8 with fabricated 90 degree inside and outside corners with 1/2″ offsets for easy installation.  Protek Systems will provide shop drawings and a quick fabrication turn around.

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Visit www.photowallprotection.com

December 15th, 2010

Protek Systems, Inc. now offers Digital Photo Wall Protection. Photographic 80 wall protection allows you to display a logo, image, or decorative pattern on a rigid vinyl sheet that is both impact-resistant and ultra hygienic. 080 Photo Wall Panels can be thermoformed to fit inside and outside corners. It can applied as a wainscot, or cover the entire wall – even ceilings! PhotoLite 40 has an innovative plastic core that provides a lightweight, durable panel. Protek PhotoLite is 100% moisture resistant, will not rot or corrode, and is ideal for wash down areas. The interlocking edges provide a seamless connection for faster installation. The seamless connection allows PhotoLite panels to display a continuous image, logo, or color scheme down a corridor, in a lobby, or around an office or patient room. Visit www.photowallprotection.com for more information.

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Wood Crash Rails by Protek Systems Inc.

November 29th, 2010

Please visit wallprotectionsystems.com for Wood Crash Rails and other wall protection systems. Protek’s WCRS-4 is a surface mounted 4″ (101.5mm) wood crash rail with aluminum retainer. It features a solid wood rail and aluminum retainer and is ideal for use in lower-traffic areas. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sustainable wood provides a rich look while preserving our natural environment. For more information on wood crash rails and other protective wood profiles, please visit wallprotectionsystems.com or call 1-800-598-2153.

Wood Crash Rail

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November 15th, 2010

Protek WCUL-400 Utilite Interlocking Wall Panels has an innovative plastic core that provides a lightweight, durable panel. Utilite is 100% moisture resistant, will not rot or corrode, and is ideal for wash down areas. The interlocking edges provide a seamless connection for faster installation. The high gloss, UV coated surface protection will resist discoloration. Call 1-800-598-2153  or visit www.wallprotectionsystems.com to find out why Utilite Interlocking Panels are an ideal choice for your car wash bays.

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Protek Behavioral Security Handrail

November 14th, 2010

Protek provides a behavioral handrail with a continuous aluminum security bracket.  The BR-500S handrail is easy to install and combines affordability with design flexibility.  Typically the handrail comes with a smooth surface, but Protek can also provide a groove face or accent strip to the surface of the handrail.   The continuous aluminum bracket is also incorporated into the inside & outside corners as well as all of the returns.  There are 60 standard colors.  Please call 800-598-2153 for a quote.

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Stainless Steel Corner Guards

October 24th, 2010

Protek Systems Inc. offers customized stainless steel corner guards.  Protek can fabricate any height and any wing size for a corner guard that  you require in your facility.   Our corners typically come 16 guage standard, but Protek has the ability to provide any   gauge required per specs.  Protek also now offers colored Stainless steel!  Protek can provide you with gold, red, blue, mirrored, and many other colors &  patterned finishes.

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UtiLite Interlocking Wall Panels Ideal for Wash Areas

October 14th, 2010

Protek Systems, Inc. now offers WCUL-400 UtiLite Interlocking Wall Panels. UtiLite is lightweight, durable, and 100% moisture resistant. UtiLite is made of a corrugated polypropylene that will not rot or corrode. The interlocking edges provide a seamless connection for faster installation, and the high gloss, UV coated surface protection will resist discoloration. The panels are 0.400″ thick by 16″ wide and come in a variety of lengths. For more information or pricing on UtiLite Interlocking Wall panels, please contact a Protek sales representative at 1-800-598-2153 or visit www.proteksystem.com.

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RaiLock Mounting Bracket System for Wood Handrails

October 11th, 2010

RaiLock Mounting Brackets are designed for mounting wood handrails to the wall without taking away from the natural beauty of the wood. RaiLock mounting brackets are easy to install and exterely durable.  A contractor will find the ease of installation will save time and money. The mounting brackets works the same, whether the railing run is for a hallway or down a flight of stairs. RAILOCK Mounting Brackets offer stability and removability. With just the turn of a wrench, you can remove the railing. This feature will come in handy for painting, wallpapering or maybe you need that extra inch or two to get the washer or dryer down the stairs. The standard finish is nickel. Other finishes such as brass, black, etc….are available on a special order basis. Consult ProTek for more information at 1-800-598-2153 or sales@wallprotectionsystems.com. for Wood HandrailsFor more information please visit www.wallprotectionsystems.com.

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Rigid vinyl Panels that look like real wood

September 16th, 2010

Protek wall protection systems  is proud of offer Woodlands sanparrel and Woodlands Sanparrel Beadboard rigid pvc sheets.  Woodland sheets are offered in .040″ and .060″ thicknesses and in 16 woodlike patterns.   Woodland Sanparrel sheets are a  reliable wall protection which is durable, long lasting and easier to clean than paint.  Our woodland patterns provide a comforting appearance and are perfect for patient rooms and waiting areas where you don’t want an ”institutional” appearance.  Please visit our website or give Protek a call at 800-598-2153

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