Diamond Plate Wall Protection

March 9th, 2013

Diamond Plate wall protection system ensures the complete safety of the walls from various kinds of abuses and accidents. Our company provide you the best and efficient Diamond Plate wall protection, so that your walls remain safe and sound, and also remain newer for longer period of time, hence enhancing the age of the walls. The wall protection includes wall panels, Rub Rails and Chair Rails, corner guards.

Diamond Plate Wall Panels

Our company’s Diamond Plate Wall Panels offer or provide you heavy duty protection in back-of-house areas, loading docks, and warehousing units, or the areas which encounters heavy traffic and maximum wear and tear. Diamond plate sheets cut very easily and can be applied or installed to walls, corners, doors, and columns. It Keep walls clean and protect them from damage or wear and tear, and also saving on maintenance and repair costs by using Diamond Plate Wall Panels. In addition it adds to the beauty of the walls, so not only it provides protection but also enhances the looks of the area where it is installed.

Rub Rails and Chair Rails

Our company’s Diamond plate rub rails and chair rails are available in stainless steel or aluminium depending on the need of the customer or the wall where it is to be installed. Rub rails and chair rails protect or shield the walls from constant rubbing and scratching, hence providing them extra life. Diamond plate rub strips are available in several sizes depending on the circumstance where it needs to be installed, so that it accommodates all applications. Stainless steel and aluminium diamond plate rub rail protectors also are available with pre-fabricated inside and outside corners for added strength.

Diamond Plate Corner Guards

Our company’s Diamond Plate Corner Guards offer heavy duty protection for outside corners in back-of-house areas, loading docks, and warehousing units. Diamond Plate Corner Guards allow you to keep walls clean and free from damage and several abuses while saving on maintenance and repair costs, hence your corner remains newer for a longer period of time. Diamond Plate Corner Guards are available in stainless steel or aluminium, depending on the need or the type of coener where it is to be installed.

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