Interlocking Seamless Wall Panels WCUL-400

November 28th, 2011

Protek Systems, Inc. is a leader wall protection systems.   Protek’s  WCUL-400  UtiLite has an innovative plastic core that provides a lightweight, durable panel. Protek Utilite is 100% moisture resistant, will not rot or corrode, and is ideal for wash down areas. The interlocking edges provide a seamless connection for faster installation. The high gloss, UV coated surface protection will resist discoloration.   WCUL-400 is very easy to install and is very easy to keep clean.  Protek’s UtiLite system is ideal for car washes, soiled utility rooms, and clean rooms where hygiene is a top priority.  For more information or a quote please call Alan Austin @ 800-598-2153

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